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An unconventional application.

We believe that traditional applications—ones that focus on achievements and grades—fail to paint an authentic picture of a person.

Instead, our application focuses on behaviors, motivations, and aspirations. We're looking for students who are open-minded, think big, and embrace discomfort because they realize it's the path to growth. We want to know how you persevere when you fail, and how you stay modest when you succeed. What choices do you make that shape you as a person?


Application deadlines

Session 2 Final Application Deadline

June 10, 2018 is our final application deadline. There are limited spots in Session 2 Cape Town courses only.

Session dates

Attend for 4 or 8 weeks

Session 1: May 27 - July 21, 2018
Session 2: June 24 - August 18, 2018

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Get an earlier decision on your application.
Secure your spot before classes fill up.
Choose your room from available options.

How our admissions process works.

It should take about one hour to complete your application.

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Write your application

Tell us about yourself and your values. Allow about 30-45 minutes to complete. Be open and honest!

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Receive your decision

We'll evaluate your application and let you know by email if you're a good fit.

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Secure your spot

You'll have two weeks to secure your spot. We'll email you more information with your admission decision.