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Digital Design Course & Internship

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A breakthrough curriculum.

iX classes blend intense learning with real-world experience. That way, you get a wide breadth of knowledge, and the practical skills you need to excel as a professional.

Foundation Theory
Design principles

Design Fundamentals

The psychology of colors, lines, shapes, textures, fonts. The power of space, rhythm, composition, structure.

Design thinking

The Design Life-cycle

Research, ideation, prototyping, testing, iterating.


Multiple Medium Design

Design for print, web, and mobile using Adobe CC, including Illustrator, InDesign, and XD.


Multimedia & Social

Imagery, voice, consistency, and engagement for social media brand-building.

Practical Skills + Tools

Adobe Software

Create graphics, logos, sketches, icons, and other visuals using Adobe Software.


Mock Websites

Build basic websites using Wix, Squarespace, or similar.


Photo Editing

Take, edit, and process impactful photos using Adobe Photoshop, and incorporate them into your designs.

Rapid prototyping

Visual Identity

Build the visual identity from scratch, taking into account the story, personality, and core values.

Digital Design is about telling a story, beautifully.

Every brand, company, and movement, has as story, a personality, a purpose. Visual designers bring that to life through graphics, logos, posters, photography, web designs, and virtually anything else that the human eye can see.

Digital designers are responsible for how a product—and all the messaging and advertising around that product—looks. They’re involved in everything from choosing colors and fonts to building icons, graphics, and layouts.

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Working with so many talented and driven students made for an incredible learning experience. iXperience inspired me and sparked my passion for design.

Sarah Schachman, iX '14, now Senior Designer at Shopify

Apply your skills immediately.

Our internships are different from the usual. Instead of leaving you on your own, we provide you with daily support and occasional classes to cover additional material. That means you'll be able to create huge value in a short time — all of which you can add to your resume to show future employers.
Pillar highlight

A biotech startup whose revolutionary technology provides reliable detection of harmful substances in real time and empowers others to act fast.

Pillar highlight

A well-known online audio distribution platform that enables its users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally-created sounds.

Pillar highlight

Next Big Thing is an Internet of Thing (IoT) company, offering a complete framework for the acceleration of IoT ventures.

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Diana matei

"I loved the class because I have been challenged in ways I haven't experienced before. While knowing the software, Michelle has done a good job of pushing me in a creative way towards doing more and achieving more than I thought I could. The biggest take away I had from the class is just how real life it felt. The time constraints and situations we were put in were incredibly realistic, which is an environment I’ve never been in before."

Diana Matei, University of Miami '20
Kate clawson

"Digital Design taught me an immense amount about design on a practical level, while giving me an idea as to what pursuing a career in design may be like. I learned how important design is in our everyday lives and the amount of consideration involved in the development of everything around us."

Kate Clawson, Tufts University '21
Camelia betancourt

"All of the things that we learned in Design are completely relevant to so many fields today! It was definitely fast-paced and out of my comfort zone slightly, but felt so current. We learned about brand communication and development, as well as the software that comes with it!"

Camelia Betancourt, Iowa State '20
Noelle betkowski

"Design is very multi-faceted and all of its branches/fields take a lot of work; for the most part, you get back what you put into it. Michelle, our teacher, has been one of the most supportive and constructive teachers I've ever had, creatively and otherwise."

Noelle Betkowski, Metropolitan State '21

Our alumni are on over 100 campuses across the world.
They'd love to share their experiences with you.

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City Program Session 1 Session 2
Berlin Berlin iX Accelerate (6 weeks) May 26 - July 6
July 7 - Aug 17
(Almost Full)
Nesh govender

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Yes. You can apply for need-based financial aid during the online application. Your eligibility for financial aid is determined by your demonstrated need, and applying for financial aid won't affect your admissions decision.

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