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Build Impactful Web Apps.

Learn about web architecture and deploy your creations live to the Internet.

Cape Town only.

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A breakthrough curriculum.

iX classes blend theoretical learning with practical skills and tools. That way, you get a wide breadth of knowledge, but also the power to create real value.

Foundation Theory

The Internet
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You use it almost nonstop—but do you know how it really works?

Comp Sci Basics
Hardware 60483b8d09330734c17901d2b5a47b617ea06de10eec7aa5ef7f79e21ee2a5fb

How to solve problems using code and think like a computer scientist.

Database 22fac194d0853957bfb02d3290fede5492b21bbe8a6914b79aa8043bd02fd3fb

The fundamentals of data storage, and SQL vs NoSQL.

Asynchronous Programming
Asynchronous programming ec571a653c68dfd8ef34dd94e499007c34f4a3b31dcca7404105d729638fae3b

Essential for any event-based paradigm. Callbacks and the power of promises.

Practical Skills + Tools

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Core skills to the world of web development.

Javascript b348f9a8361cddb47d91d7e0e29c7e67577393a2eb29ddec604bf766c5b918f8

The most popular coding language for modern web programming—a must know.

Api 1f2d49c7913259ff7466486607dee966738cf09e6b85dba3f7dcabd62d6fe48c

Communicate efficiently with other websites, and create your own service that other sites can use.

Git + Source Control
Git f72a51b8a0cfee48326e91446e85a7f69c0685163a532824644c8c403eb7a71a

Learn to manage your code versions and collaborate on projects with other programmers.

Full Stack engineers love understanding the big picture.

The proof is
in our 650+ alumni.

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Stephanie shin 2cf93f21c9e501c14d30c811efc1b0ab3397925ab20f441f659b89c7fb84f390

"Before coming to iXperience, I had never even typed a single line of code. After 4 weeks I was able to create a web application for a new building security sign-in method, applying the skills I learned in the classroom in my internship."

Stephanie Shin, Boston University '19

Allie ivener eebab8e122c11152bd26aeeb93c1f08b1cf7727fccedcf4c2252380e38b8d704

"When I first signed up for iXperience, I expected to just learn how to make web applications. I didn't really know what exactly that would mean, but I never imagined it would contribute so heavily to me landing a future internship at Microsoft."

Allie Ivener, UVA '16

Anna ten have 31b74146188cd46a14d77e87ab602d5694e79099bcbd751ef8a58a024e9347d8

"We learned how to deal with real world frustrations like code not working or models running way too slow. Our teacher, Henry, supported our different levels of knowledge and needs in class. It was a very rewarding 4 weeks!"

Anna Ten Have, Michigan University '18

Pablo cazzulino 53c58529eb266467780c38c5f14bc6aea3b44cac9eb79b1bdfad2d682fa64253

"I directly applied the information gained in the classroom environment into an actual marketable skill. Where the classroom experience gave me the building blocks to become a good coder, the internship pushed me to make something of those blocks, teaching me how to think in terms of scalability."

Pablo Cazzulino, UVA '17

Liza mcpherson 579f1172a74dcc457cc9e233fb395a8a8d34bb4f8b491a6ce9dac82fa13146c1

"After two months of learning and adventuring in the most magical place I could imagine, I am returning to school confident in my decision to major in Computer Science and am relatively certain that I want to be a software engineer after I graduate."

Liza McPherson, Harvard '18

Accelerate your career with an internship.

Full-Stack Web Development is the most popular developer occupation today, according to the Stack Overflow 2016 Developer Survey. The profession and the community around it are thriving and re-inventing themselves continually. If you love being on the cutting edge, this is the career for you.

After your course, you can do an internship with one of our partner companies to hone your skillset, bolster your resume, and jumpstart your career.

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